01. There has been a [substantial] decrease in the number of AIDS cases due to the public awareness campaign.
02. Taj got a [substantial] raise as a result of his excellent work on the project last month.
03. Government subsidies to industry have resulted in a [substantial] increase in the number of businesses being attracted to the state.
04. The rate of disease is [substantially] lower for children whose mothers breastfeed them.
05. Prices on the island are [substantially] higher than those on the mainland.
06. Independent researchers have so far been unable to [substantiate] the claims made by the scientist.
07. There has been a [substantial] increase in the number of forest fires this year due to our unusually dry weather.
08. Someone once remarked that in any group of people, a small fraction will be leaders, a larger fraction will be followers, and a [substantial] proportion just won't want to get involved.
09. Studies show that husbands do not [substantially] increase their share of child care when wives go out to work.
10. Among the elderly, women outnumber men by a [substantial] margin.
11. Edmund Burke once suggested that poetry is the art of [substantiating] shadows, and of lending existence to nothing.
12. Peg Bracken once asked, "Why does a slight tax increase cost you $200, and a [substantial] tax cut save you 30 cents?"
13. Americans today consume nearly the same number of calories per day as Americans did in 1910, but the weight of the average American has increased [substantially] due to lack of exercise.
14. Studies show that parts of the brain of a severely abused child can be [substantially] smaller than that of a healthy child.
15. Most of Chile's cities of [substantial] size are either ports, or inland farming or mining centers.
16. One advantage Bahrain has over the other Persian Gulf states is the presence of [substantial] ground water, and many natural springs.
17. Morocco has to import a [substantial] amount of its food because the desert climate affects its ability to grow enough food to support its population.
18. Poverty has been [substantially] reduced in Costa Rica over the past 15 years.
19. Ecuador has [substantial] oil resources, and rich agricultural areas.
20. Many nations of Asia and the Pacific are making [substantial] commitments to conserving their natural resources.
21. Regular exercise has a [substantial] positive impact on physical and psychological health.

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